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Tuesday 8 Mar 2011

Wlad it's all over...

It's a little late for Christmas and a little early for Easter, but I come bearing good news and gifts, fight fans. My huge unification clash with Wladimir Klitschko has been signed and sealed and will take place on either June 25 or July 2 of this year, depending on venue availability.

This is the fight I have been chasing for nearly three years now, and it's a huge relief to know it has come off and will soon become a reality. It was looking a little scary at one stage, as both Klitschkos seemed intent on avoiding me, but now the stars have aligned and they've both seen the light.

This fight needs to happen for the good of boxing, and I'm just delighted we've both been able to put our differences aside, forget all the nonsense and put on the kind of fight that the fans deserve.

I have no doubt this will soon snowball into one of the biggest fights the sport has seen in the modern era – especially in this country. We have nearly four full months to hype the hell out of this thing and I'm sure it will capture the imagination of the British public just as my last few fights have. These fights with the Klitschkos are the fights I'm asked about more than any other and I know many of my fans have been desperate to see them happen.

In fact, last week I realised just how big this rivalry could become when playing EA Sports' new Fight Night Champion game on the Xbox 360. All three of us - Wladimir, Vitali and I - were playable characters on the game and it was really exciting to be able to mix-and-match and play out the rivalry before the real thing actually unfolds. Fight fans will now have four months to put our characters up against one another before I show how it is really done this summer.

As for the game itself, go out and make sure you get a copy. I was blown away by the detail and the realism, and couldn't believe how life-like they had made the boxers on the game. We all have our own distinctive style and they've even got my trademark 'Hayemaker' punch down to a tee.

The most realistic thing about the game, however, is the fact that I used my own fighter to knockout Wladimir Klitschko in three rounds. It's as if they peered into a crystal ball...


David Haye,

AKA 'The Hayemaker' 

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March 2011


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